Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC)

Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (pronounced "Core")  

Senior Aerospace Science Instructor (SASI) and Aerospace Science Instructor (ASI):


Major (Retired) Kenneth Sumler

252-399-7905 ext:5023/5022



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252-399-7905 ext:5023/5022


 - Proper term of address for each AFJROTC Instructor:
 -- Major Sumler



Why Take Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC)?


Our four (4) academic year program is about and teaches citizenship, life skills, and is a cadet-led program. We are designed to help achieve success in both college and other career paths.


What's in it for you?


You are provided many opportunities to:

- Be a more confident and self-disciplined citizen and leader

- Travel to distant locations (field trips) you pick

- Observe, participate, follow, and lead

- Earn recognition through National Awards, Ribbons, and/or Certificates

- Be challenged through our academics, physical training, and drill and ceremonies

- Earn Honors Credit (pg 11-12) in the four (4) upper level courses (ROTC III - ROTC VI)

- Build character (mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual)

- Volunteer and make a positive difference in your community

- Earn a Certificate of Completion (Used for enlistment or College purposes)

- Be competitive for college scholarships and appointments to service academies


What is the AFJROTC Program?


Click on this link to read how US News reporters Alexandra Pannoni and Josh Moody describe JROTC.  (no endorsement or approval intended)


1.  This Program is built with 876 AFJROTC units with an additional 14 National Defense Cadet Corps units for a total of 890 units in high schools world-wide. There are more than 120,000 high school cadets in the program and over 1,940 retired United States Air Force (USAF) instructors who lead, mentor, guide, and teach our cadets in high schools in the US and around the world. AFJROTC enjoys overwhelming school administration and community support because of the huge positive impact on cadets, schools, communities, and our nation. In many communities that have no military bases within many miles, the cadets and instructors of AFJROTC are truly “The face of the USAF in communities all over the US and the world.”


2.  This AFJROTC program is grounded in the Air Force core values of “integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do.”


3.  This program IS about citizenship, leadership, and teamwork...with lots of fun too. This is NOT a recruiting program for any branch of the Armed Forces and/or any Federal Agency and absolutely NO obligation to join such organizations.


What do we offer?


1.  We offer courses comprised of Aerospace Science, Leadership Education, and Health and Wellness studies. Students who successfully complete the classes are granted credit toward graduation. Each of our four (4) upper level courses include the option of Honors credit.

2.  We offer Aerospace Science and includes the heritage of flight, principles of aircraft flight and navigation, human requirements of flight, development of aerospace power, aerospace vehicles, rocketry, space and technology programs, aerospace industry, cultural studies of major world regions and cyber technology. STEM curriculum is introduced to help students better understand science-and math-related curriculum, improve critical-thinking skills, and prepare cadets to be more competitive in the 21st century. Leadership Education introduces students to military customs and courtesies, character education, citizenship in the United States, first aid, wellness, health and fitness, basic drill and ceremonies, critical thinking, effective communications, management, human relations and college and career readiness, preparing students for life after high school. 

3.  We offer before, during, and after school activities with Leadership Development Requirements activities, clubs, and teams. These activities include Drill, Multicopter (Drones / sUAVs / RC aircraft), Raider (Physical Fitness), and coming soon, Marksmanship and Weather Observing Teams. The AFJROTC program provides opportunities with more teams and activities, which is only limited by your motivation and time.

4. We offer "The Flight Academy Scholarship Program" provides opportunities to place motivated, dedicated, and qualified Cadets in the pilot's seat. Qualified selected Cadets are afforded an opportunity to fly at an established University's Aviation Program and receive world class flight instruction leading to a Private Pilot License for FREE. Check out AFJROTC Flight Academy Programs website:  Click HERE.

5. We offer an action-packed Program. Each semester we plan field trips and curriculum in action events. Our drill teams (unarmed, armed, and color guard) and Raider Teams (Fitness) travel to competitions. The rocket club blasts rockets into the atmosphere. Our award programs recognize outstanding performers and cadet leadership (staff members) develop, plan, organized, and execute socializing events such as our Military Ball, drill practices, and community service.

NOTE:  You are not required to commit to or join the US Armed Forces to take AFJROTC courses. Our program affords opportunities to apply and compete for college scholarships (Click on each of the following services for more information), which includes Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marine Corps. Also, increased monthly pay is available to students who complete two or more courses and enlist in the US Armed Forces (as determined by each branch of service; see a recruiter for current details)


What resources are available to gain more information?


1.  Please review our "Cadet Handbook" (Guide) to help you understand more about Fike's AFJROTC program.


2.  Talk it over with your friends, parents, and advisor (counselor). Ask our experienced cadets what they think about our program. If you think Fike's AFJROTC Program has something to offer you, see the Aerospace Science Instructors for details.  


Mission Statement


The Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps is an organization dedicated to building citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community. 


 Air Force Core Values


-  Integrity First


-  Service Before Self


-  Excellence in all We Do


Honor Code


-  I will not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do.


AFJROTC Cadet Creed


-  I am an Air Force Junior ROTC Cadet


-  I am connected and faithful to my community and nation.


-  I earn respect when I uphold the Air Force Core Values of Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in All We Do.


-  I will always conduct myself to bring credit to my family, school, Corps (pronounced "Core") of Cadets, community, and to myself.


-  My character defines me.  I will not lie, cheat, or steal. 


-  I am accountable for my actions and deeds.


-  I will hold others accountable for their actions as well.


-  I am a Leader and a Wingman devoted to those I follow, serve and lead.  



Class Schedule  2020-2021


  1st Semester                                              2nd Semester


  -  Block 1: ROTC I (AS-1: New Cadets)     -  Block 1: ROTC II (AS-2) 


  -  Block 2: ROTC II (AS-2)                           -  Block 2: ROTC III (AS-3/4)


  -  Block 3: Planning                                    -  Block 3: Planning 


  -  Block 4: ROTC IV (AS-3/4)                     -  Block 4: ROTC I (AS-1 New Cadets) 






Disclaimer:  The information and opinions contained in this Internet site do not reflect the official policy or position of the United States Government, United States Air Force, or Jeanne M. Holm Center for Officer Accessions and Citizen Development



- JROTC is an elective class
- There is absolutely no military service obligation
- Uniform items are provided free of charge
- Colleges and employers love JROTC/ROTC!
- Cadets are selected at a higher rate due to their integrity, leadership & dependability
- JROTC provides you the skills to be successful in life
- JROTC can assist with college scholarships and Service Academy appointments
- Cadets who take JROTC can elect to enlist in the military at an advanced rank

- JROTC is fun! You will enjoy this class while developing important life skills; Just ask our successful Cadets.
- Regionally and Nationally Accredited Curriculum

- Explore Aviation History; Principles of Flight; Exploration of Space

- Develop Citizenship; Communication Skills; Career Opportunities; 

- Management Training; Hands-on Leadership Labs; Drill and Ceremonies

- World class field trip opportunities

AFJROTC Chain of Command

Chain of Command
Posted/updated On: 8/31/2020 

President of the United States (POTUS) (Commander-in-Chief) 

Honorable Donald J. Trump


Secretary of Defense (SECDEF)

Honorable Dr. Mark T. Esper


Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS)

General Mark A. Milley, USA


Secretary of the Air Force (SECAF)

Honorable Barbara M. Barrett


Chief of Staff of the Air Force (CSAF)

General Charles Q. Brown Jr.


Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force (CMSAF)

Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force (CMSAF) JoAnne S. Bass


Commander, Air Education and Training Command (AETC/CC)

Lieutenant General Brad Webb


Commander, Air University (AU/CC)

Lieutenant General James B. Hecker


Commander, Holm Center (HC/CC)

Brigadier General Leslie A. Maher


Air Force JROTC Director 

Colonel Steve Sanders 


Air Force JROTC Region 2 Director 

Vacant - Awaiting New Hire 


Fike H.S. Principal 

Mr. Nelson Johnston 


Fike H.S. Assistant Principal

Mr. Timothy Messer


Fike AFJROTC, Senior Aerospace Science Instructor (SASI)

Major Kenneth Sumler, USAF, (Retired)


Fike AFJROTC, Aerospace Science Instructor (ASI)

Vacant - Inquire about being an Instructor today! Click here for more information.


Fike AFJROTC Cadet Squadron Commander 

Cadet Major Amanda Caballero


Fike AFJROTC Cadet Deputy Squadron Commander

Cadet Captain Ntumba Kandolo



AFJROTC Flight Academy InformationThe Air Force JROTC Flight Academy, Chief of Staff Private Pilot Scholarship program, is a collaborative effort between the aerospace industry and the Air Force to address a national pilot shortage. The Flight Academy is intended to inspire and encourage high school youth toward aviation careers.
Tips for Visiting with Armed Forces RecruitersFike HS, WCS, AFJROTC, Air Force, Department of Defense, and all Federal agencies does not sponsor or endorse any part or all of the information associated or posted on this website. This is for general information only and not official documentation on standard recruiting practices and/or approaches.
- Fike HS AFJROTC has a WEATHER STATION!  Please click this link:  Fike_Weather_Station for updated weather at Fike HS.
- Flight Simulators: Fike AFJROTC has two flight simulators available for Cadets to learn about the flight environment all from the safety of our classroom. Currently, we have Microsoft Flight Simulator X with CH Flight Yoke and Rudder Pedals to make it the most realistic experience available.
- Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (sUAV), Multicopters, and Remote Controlled (RC) Aircraft allow Cadets to get hands-on experience flying and to understand how these devices operate. Cadets operate the Mavic Pro with its 4K video and awesome flight performance. Also, Cadets may fly the small Remote Controlled aircraft modeled after the Piper Cub and larger modeled Cessna 177 with full functioning control surfaces and outstanding flight performance.
- The team from Robotics Education & Competition Foundation (REC), has created a website specifically for JROTC.  The website is designed to be a “one stop shop” of sorts for any robotics program but is also loaded with information. Please visit the website below for more information.
- CyberPatriot is the National Youth Cyber Education Program created by the Air Force Association to inspire K-12 students toward careers in cybersecurity or other science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines critical to our nation's future.
While we are in challenging times and must adjust our way of delivering education. Wilson County Schools, Fike High School, and AFJROTC will meet your educational needs no matter the challenge. Students must have written prior Parental/Guardian permission to attend and/or participate in any virtual meetings or classrooms.
+ Wilson County Schools 1 Million Project for FREE internet Hot Spots:
+ Wilson County Schools Instructional Resources for Parents and Guardians:
+ Online Learning Resources provided by California Department of Education:
+ Here are some guidelines as we move forward in our virtual teaching and student learning:
    - WCS Board Policies will guide our use of virtual mediums:
Cadet Guide (Handbook) for School Year 2021 is now completed and available. A posted copy is located on this website, in each AFJROTC Google Classroom, and Cadet Google Drive.
The "Cadet Application and Contract." consolidates all the letters (6 in total) requiring parents and guardians multiple signatures. This one document provides a one stop shop. The other document is the Cadet Guide (Handbook).
A course Syllabus maybe available to each cadet during the first week of class for each course: ROTC I, ROTC II, ROTC III, ROTC IV.
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