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Mr. Arnold's History Page

I am a History Teacher at Fike High School, and have been teaching Since the Fall of 2001 and have been here at Fike since the Fall of 2008. I went to Barton College and East Carolina University. Also, I am the SAT Site Supervisor for Fike High School and we currently hold the SAT at Fike 3 times throughout the school year (October, December and May). Because I am a Glutton for Punishment, I am also the coordinator for Fike's Evening Academy. Finally, I co-advise the YAG (Youth and Government) Program at Fike along with Mrs. Galloway. Please feel free to send me an e-mail message if you have any questions or call me at 252-399-7905 ext 5106. 
School Supplies Needed:
1. 11/2" 3-Ring Binder
2. Blue/Black Ink Pens
3. #2 Pencils
4. Chromebook